Vocations: Becoming a Lutheran Franciscan

All inquirers begin their journey as Friends of the Order before Postulancy. Please click the button below to find out more and apply!

Are you wondering what it's all about?  

Have you felt a "nudge" by the Holy Spirit to look deeper?

The process of becoming a member of a religious order is rigorous. It isn't like joining a club. It isn’t even like joining a church. It’s a long and winding journey of finding out whether you have a  calling to vowed religious life in this particular dispersed community. 

Formation in the Order of Lutheran Franciscans includes:

+ Postulancy: Postulancy is the beginning of the formal inquiry process.  Once approved, the Postulant spends a minimum of 12 months learning more about the Order and its Rule and practices, completing simple formation assignments, and growing in relationship with the siblings of the Order. 


+ Novitiate: Once the requirements of Postulancy have been completed, the Postulant may apply to become a Novice. The application includes a background check and approval of the Servant Council. Once approved, the Postulant makes initial annually-renewable vows as a Novice. The novitiate is the first stage of membership within the Order and lasts a minimum of 5 years under the supervision of a formation counselor with continued formation.


+ Life Profession: After successfully completing the Novitiate, and with approval of the Order, the Novice makes Life Profession as a member of this Order, with all the rights and responsibilities of such profession.

Those who are accepted into the life of the Order of Lutheran Franciscans commit to the General Rule which calls its siblings into a way of life that includes: three traditional Vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience, as interpreted by the Order, active participation in an ELCA congregation, daily prayer, weekly Eucharist, monthly spiritual direction, biannual confession, and annual participation at Annual Chapter and other gatherings.

Statement of Affirmation as a Reconciling in Christ community

The Order of Lutheran Franciscans invites all members of the ELCA to inquire and discern the Franciscan way of life within this community, including those of any race, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, relationship status, socio-economic status, education level, or physical abilities.

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