OLF Spirituality

The Order of Lutheran Franciscans is founded on the following four traditional Franciscan emphases. These foundations guide our mission and work as an Order.

Accompanying the Poor

The Order of Lutheran Franciscans is committed to being with the poor and marginalized of the world. We not only provide charity (i.e. providing for the basic needs of those in need), we engage in justice work that endeavors to change the systems that ultimately lead to poverty and marginalization.

Ecumenical Bridge-Building

The Order of Lutheran Franciscans believes that the Church is larger than any one denomination or religious order. We, therefore, are invested in cultivating relationships with other Christians and Franciscans to engage in God's mission in the world.

Care of Creation

Franciscans have historically been known as lovers of nature. This isn't tree-hugging; it's a core Lutheran belief. Our sacramental and incarnational theology reminds us that Christ is present in and through creation, and we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the world around us.

Spiritual Renewal

Francis had a vision of Christ beckoning him to "Rebuild my Church." At first he took the vision literally. But, he began to realize that Christ was calling him to lead a spiritual renewal in the Church. Today, we continue this spiritual reformation.