Friends of the Order are those people who are called to accompany
the sisters and brothers of this Order with prayer, financial support, advocacy and
through participation at events and gatherings of the Order.
-from the General Rule of the Order of Lutheran Franciscans
The Mission of the Friends of the Order

Friends of the Order (often known as Oblates and Associates in other religious communities), commit through their varied lifestyles to live the Gospel in the spirit of Brother Francis and Sister Clare of Assisi in companionship with the Siblings of the Order of Lutheran Franciscans. Together they share in the values and priorities of the Order of Lutheran Franciscans, and in so doing they become co-conspirators in accompanying the poor, caring for creation, being renewed spiritually, and cultivating ecumenical and inter-faith relationships that honor God’s emerging reign of peace and justice for all.

Who are Friends of the Order?

Friends of the Order are people of varying backgrounds - female and male, lay and ordained, LGBTQIA+, young and old, married and single, who proclaim their call from God to live the spirit, charism and mission of the Order of Lutheran Franciscans (OLF). They commit to a formally recognized mutual relationship with the OLF and live the commitment within their own particular lifestyles. Theirs is one of support and accompaniment of the Siblings of the OLF.

Becoming a Friend of the Order 

+ Express a desire to join in the spirit and vision of the Simple Way of Francis and Clare

+ Interview with a Provincial Minister or the Minister General

+ Begin a period of inquiry and discernment during which they develop a personal rule of life

+ Make a commitment to live the values of Saints Francis and Clare


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